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The Castle of Boldogko

113_Boldogkő vára_Castle of Boldogko (1).png

The birth of this picture started in May when we decided eventually to move out after the lockdown. The destination, Boldogkovaralja, a village with an ancient castle was chosen by my husband. We had not been there before but it was not far from Debrecen, we could manage the excursion in one day. When we arrived there the restaurant, we chose for lunch was still closed. We were eager to have coffee but where? We asked a passer what to do? He informed us that no place in the village was open yet but he invited us to have a coffee in his house. We accepted the kind invitation at once. We had to walk quickly to follow him as he drove a scooter. We had a nice discussion with him by telling more and more about us and also by listening his story. He had a severe operation ahead of him, his second leg was also to be amputated. We told where we were from and what we were dealing with. When we left, I promised him eventually that I would make a picture about the castle so beloved by him. Having arrived home, I started the exploratory work. I searched for pictures and stories about the castle but the hardest was to pick the suitable stamps. I had to restart several times as I was not content with the result. But when I got stuck, I thought of Sandor, the trust with what he invited us into his home, his optimism and his very strong faith in the future.

Size: 66 x 41 cm
Status: in private property

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