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Picasso's muses/broken hearts

114_Picasso múzsái_Picasso's muses (1).png

Almost everyone in the world knows Picasso. He is the artist of the world-famous Dove of peace and also Guernica through which the artist presents the horror of war and that victims are mostly innocent civilians. He lived a long life, 90 years, and it is also well known that he had many women in his life. I received a gift from my son for my birthday, a book titled Madame Picasso. I did like the story presenting Picasso the man with his fears, dismays and with his joys. Still reading the book I started this picture. Picasso was a Spanish citizen all his life but he worked mostly in Paris. The fan recalls his Spanish origin while Eiffel tower reminds the viewer to Paris. The fan consists of seven pieces commemorating the seven women playing important role in Picasso’s life. Picasso was fond of bull fighting already from his early years. It came into my mind that I had stamps figuring this fight. I was happy to find them easily thus these stamps gained a part of the picture. True, I remade them a bit truly following the footsteps of the great master who played an important role to make the college technique of the beginning of the 20th century to be famous everywhere.

Size: 57 x 46 cm
Status: in private property

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