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You can really make wine out of grape!

54_Szőlőből is lehet..._You can really make wine....png

Size: 58 x 58 cms

Status: on offer

The idea of this picture was born when I recognized a flyer advetrising a collection of twelve bottles of wine. It came into my mind that I had many stamps featuring Hungarian wine-growing regions. I found the stamps which I recollected and it turned out that I had stamps showing seventeen such regions. This is not a small number so if I wanted to show all regions the picture would have been very large. But the main question, nevertheless, was how to place the regions on the picture. Firstly I made the bottles for each region using the stamps showng the pictures of two Hungarian painters. Then I found the shape of the picture very quickly but how to make the othe rparts of the picture? Eventually I used the remaing stamps which featured grapes. Thus the substance was found for the picture: one can see grapes in the inner circle sourrounded with bottles containg the end result of grape frowing, wine.


Looking at the picture my husband recalled the following story:


„The ageing winemaker is lying on his bed and he calls his eldest son to him:

  • My son, there is an old secret in our family

  • What is that, asks the son 

  • You can really make wine out of grape!”


This the title of the picture was born at once and the background remained only. The only difficult ywas that large number of stamps I needed. I was fortunate enough to receive many stamps on the London Stampex so I found yellow like Arabic stamps showing uniformed soldiers which gave an excellent background for Hungarian wine making. what an interesting international coincidence!

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