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Sleeping Beauty’s Dream

csipkerózsika-álma (2).png

Size: 37 x 37 cms

Status: in private property

The idea to make a picture featuring Sleeping Beauty was born when I received the stamp package present of the Hungarian Post. One of the stamps showed red rose to us. Sleeping Beatuy came to my mind at once. The sleeping princess, the royal court, the palace around which is overgrounded by red roses growing larger and larger by every year to cover up eventually the palace at all were in my mind. Sleeping beauty had slept her sleep for one hundred years when the prince finally arrived, blazed a trail in the roses and woke up the Beauty by kissing her.


So the idea was in my mind when I was invited to participate in a „Just an evening” discussion in the Water Tower in Debrecen. I asked the participants, mostly ladies about their opinion, what was the Beauty dreaming of? There was an obvious answer of course, she dremt about the prince coming for her but someone had another opinion thinking that she was dreaming about a child. We thus organized a quick polling and the majority voted for the prince causing me a problem as I did not have any stamp featuring a prince. Finally a good friend of mine, Csaba Sutóczky, a famous stamp collector saved me, he presented me with the needed stamps. I picked the stamps to feature the wall of the castle and started to paint. The prince who saved the Sleeping Beatuy is in the middle of the picture sorrounded with many, many roses.

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