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Barbie Dreams

Névtelen terv (1).jpg

Those who follow my art, my pictures frequently ask me, what does inspire me in making a picture? Is there any picture among my works which were inspired by stamps? This picture is one of those! I found stamps of green and lilac colours but the name of the issuing country was not printed on them. I was wondering where these stamps came from. There was one starting point only in the form of a short fragment of a word: …ANARIVO and a number.999. My husband new at once, this could have been only Antananarivo, Madagascar’s capital city. It was already easy to find in the Colnext stamp catalogue the two sheets name Animals of the World, issued in 1999 from which my stamps came from.


I made a bit of boost to the stamps, added butterflyes and birds and used to make the flower ring in the centre Hungarian stamps. The title of the picture was given by the young
lady who is the owner of it as well.

Size:  45 x 68 cm
Status: in private property

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