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Longing Away

Névtelen terv.jpg

This picture was inspired by my daughter Zsofi. She made the “original” in the Immanual Home she attends. When she took the picture home, I hanged it on the wall and looked at it every day wonderingly. Once I made up my mind and made it using my own tools the stamps. I used also pieces made by using broidery of the Richelieu technique. This technique, named of cardinal Richelieu was worked out in France in order to replicate sewn laces. The title speaks about my own feelings: go or stay? The ship itself symbolises this feeling. She is calm but pictures a bit of fluster as well. My past and also my bonding to traditions suggest to stay while the need to go is managed by our trips, our cognizance of the unknown. The stamps used to make this picture are from many countries and it was my husband who helped to cut them.

Size:  50 x 66 cm
Status: on offer

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