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If someone meets with my pictures first time might ask the question, what does inspire me to make art? Are these the stamps? If yes, they are, then just like they inspired me this time. I had painted already a picture with the use of this stamp series, the one titled Lady of The Rosary. The Hungarian series of six stamps features icons exhibited in the Serbian Othodox Museum in the city of Szendendre. The title of the icons is Mother of God with the Child. That time I used these stamps to paint the pearls of the rosary. We were happy to have the opportunity to hand this picture personally over to pope Francis exactly on the on the day of the Lady of the Rosary in 2020 in Hall Paolo VI in Vatican City. 

Only a few pieces of those stamps remained that time but enough of them have accumulated since. 

The stamps themselves and also the colours of the icons almost enchanted me, I knew I would make a picture with these stamps again. My original idea has been changed several times and I have to confess that there was a stage when I thought I was not able to finish the picture. I did not give up and the picture was there next day.

Size:  43 x 58 cm
Status: on offer

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