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The Greek God of Healing

130_A gyógyítás görög istene_The Greek God of Healing (1).jpg

This picture, titled “The Greek God of Medicine” was made on request. We met Zsolt on the closing dinner of HUNFILEX 2022, the Hungarian world stamp exhibition. We met him just randomly, he, the stamp collector doctor from Debrecen working in Ireland was our neighbour on the Palmares dinner. When we parted at the end it was already agreed that I would make a picture connected to healing for our next meeting planned to have in July. I got a free hand but I learned during our talk that his favourite colour was blue. This fact determined to me to choose only blues stamps for the picture. I could not have imagined myself that it would be so difficult to find really suitable stamps. I used finally Hungarian, Dutch, English, Polish and Chadian stamps. The topic was chosen from the Greek mythology. Asklepios was the God of Healing, his symbol was the serpent-entwined Rod of Asklepios. The rod symbolizes power and sapiency while serpent has been known for thousands of years symbolizing both healing and serums supporting healing. On the picture Asklepios stands under a huge tree which is a symbol for long life and immortality. Along the above one can also see Zsolt’s monogram on the picture.

Size:  60 x 60 cm
Status: in private property

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