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Hommage a Vasarely

138_Hommage a Vasarely.png

I met Vasarely, more exactly his works many years ago. Colours, shapes and the dynamics of hir pictures fascinated me already that time. I could not use other self-expression for other than embroidery so I made a cross-stitched broidery which has been hanging on the wall of my daughter’s room since. I made the plans of another broidery (in an excel table!) which I started though but did not finish.


In the course of the following years, I had the opportunity to be in the Vasarely museums both in Pecs and Budapest and I was thrilled by what I saw there. When I received the invitation from the Pecs University for an exhibition Vasarely, the famous son of Pecs came into my mind. My husband bought me his grandson’s, Pierre Vasarely’ book to enable me to get acquainted not only with the artist but with the man as well. So I was an economist daytime, worked on my Petofi picture in the evenings and read the book about Vasarely’s life in bed.


When the Petofi picture was ready I searched for the 15 years old broidery plan. My husband who always helps me drew the square grid on the board and cut almost thousand stamps into small pieces. I used for paint the same Dutch stamps which I had used already for my MoCoMo picture. The fifteen years old embroidery piece which is a small copy of the original Vasarely picture titled Riu-Kiu became also to be the part of the picture.

Size:  63 x 63 cm
Status: on offer

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